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Thierry Duclay

Over 20 years of industry experience and always starting something new! Thierry has a great deal of life experiences; He has lived for many years in Africa (Ivory Coast, Algeria and Senegal), Europe (France) and now USA (New York). Bragging is not his thing, but he admits to having done his first ecommerce in 1993 when most people were just discovering the net!

Prior to creating BO Technology in 2002, Thierry served as IT director of the Constantin-Walsh-Lowe group, a consulting firm of 1,000+ consultants with offices in New York and Paris. Today BO Technology is a recognized IT consulting firm servicing prestigious clients with a keen understanding of the European and U.S. market.

Thierry’s secret of success? To surround himself with a solid team of passionate, dedicated and highly skilled engineers and designers!

In 2009, BO Technology was ranked among the top 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America by Inc 500.

Thierry has been happily married with Veronica for 20 years now. They live with their four children in Huntington on Long Island. He is a passionate soccer coach and avid sailor. Thierry received his Mathematical Degree from Skidmore College in 1992.


Olivier brings extensive knowledge of IT project management. Prior to joining the team Olivier had managed very large area networks in Europe. Since joining us he has also become an expert in security. Olivier's strong sense of customer service and high level of commitement makes him a great asset to the team.

Djamel Toubrinet

Djamel presently serves as the Marketing and Business Development Manager for BO Technology, overseeing all research and development affecting the company's growth and expansion. Because he has lived, worked and studied in countries such as Algeria, Spain, Italy and Mexico, he brings a wealth of international business experiences.

Djamel received a Bachelor’s degree in business and linguistics and a Master’s degree in international trade from the Université d’Angers, France.

Prior to joining the team, he worked for an international business development firm where he successfully launched a new product for the North American gourmet food market.

Aside from work, Djamel has two passions: dance and studying languages.

Djamel's most proud moment was in 2007 when his team, Vagabond Crew, became a double World Champion in break-dancing.  Djamel participated in many international competitions in addition to touring with Gianna Nannini, a popular Italian singer, as part of her dance team.

In his spare time, he keeps up with his dance training to stay in shape and takes advantage of the diversity New York has to offer to perfect his foreign language skills.